In the past we took a chance: growing kiwifruit in Italy. Today, we are still reaping the benefits from it

At the beginning of the 70’s Aldo Lepidio, a farmer with the passion for his job and the will to improve his activity, goes in search of new cultivations. He knows the actinidia and evaluates, assisted by an agronomist, that the climatic conditions of his zone seem to be ideal for this type of cultivation. Daring, but with a lot of conviction, in 1973 he plants the first 550 actinidia plants on a 12.000 sq. m surface. The first years are of waiting, difficulties to be overcome and marked by continuous surprises; there is everything to be done. Between the many varieties of header plants (Bruno, Monti, Abboth, Arlinson, etc.), the HAYWARD is the best one. At this point he needs to decide what is best, what stock, farm form and what type of pruning suit the right nutritive needs, the amounts of necessary water and the type of irrigation, etc. The first fruits arrive in 1976 after the first two harvests during which it is hard to place the product on the market, at the end of the 1970s, the awaited results arrive.


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Agrilepidio, la scelta migliore.

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